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Nearshoring your application maintenance: the solution

So, you want to increase your effectiveness and client satisfaction?

Nearshoring your application maintenance process will give you the opportunity to focus your own resources on your core activities.

Outsourcing your application maintenance and support

Outsourcing your application maintenance services is all about increasing your business benefits while decreasing the costs. It means finding a specialized team to cater to your application service needs and wishes. Other advantages are:

  • Increased technical expertise
  • Increased internal staff efficiency
  • Increased flexibility

Finding people with the right skillset in the current economic climate is quite the challenge. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to keep your internal team focused on your main business ideas and partner up with an external team who has the know-how and expertise to take care of the application maintenance for you?

And who’s to say you should immediately outsource your entire application portfolio? You could just start off with one critical application and move on from there. We don’t need convincing but maybe you do. Find what works for your company.

Why choose nearshoring?

While you could fly halfway across the world to find yourself a maintenance team, the solution could be much closer than you realise. Nearshoring offers you the possibility to work with skilled and experienced professionals only a couple of hours away. This solves the frustration of having to work around different time zones and gives you more control over the day-to-day workings of your extended team.

Find your nearshoring solutions in Belgium with Alumnos. Working with a nearshore outsourcing expert will save you a lot of time and effort. We offer you experience in all aspects from analysis to development. This makes them the perfect partner to start your nearshoring journey.

Want to know if you’re ready for nearshoring?

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