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prepare for your remote team

Virtual team collaboration: prepare for your remote team

Communication is collaboration. Especially in your remote team.

Communication in teams is a very important aspect of your business. Colleagues fortifying their inter-personal relationships or clear communication to finish a project: better communication enhances collaboration and makes your business more efficient. Preparing our customers for collaboration with a remote team has learned us that scrum is a great way for daily project communication. But what if a certain issue comes up and your local team needs to contact with your extended team?

Team communication tools

We usually prepare our customers for their remote team by proposing to use team communication tools like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

Scrum teams also invest in project management tools or if necessary screen sharing tools.

It’s important to talk face to face with the person of your extended team. Nevertheless, video calls are slightly different and you need to take in account that online communication is not the same as a live face to face meeting.

Preparing your team for less facial expressions and body language when talking to the person in a language that’s probably not yours nor theirs is a vital condition for smooth virtual team collaboration.

Accessibility & communication in teams

As a staff member you need to be accessible to both teams in case they have questions or need advice. Luckily nearshoring teams have more or less the same working hours as you. So make it easy for them to contact you. This way you avoid frustrations in both teams. Scheduling tools and shared agendas can give them an overview of the possibilities they have to contact you.

On the other hand we’ve experienced that accessibility for team members can be an issue. Not being in the same office with the person you’re working with makes it harder to know when he or she can be bothered with questions or doubts. To enhance the relationship between both teams we make arrangements on moments when people are likely to be working concentrated and when they’re available for the other team’s issues.

These and other support is how we make the difference with other nearshoring companies and so far it’s working very well.

Communication and remote collaboration tools play a huge role in working with remote teams.

Not sure if your company is ready for an extended team? Let’s do an audit first:


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