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Coaching your local and extended team

Once you decide to outsource your software development, IT engineering project, mobile application development or any other sourcing project, you want the support of a team of experienced consultants.

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Depending on your goals & the requirements for your project we offer you a tailored startup of your outsourcing project including:

A new cooperation model & operational process set-up including the relevant technology

A new cooperation model is necessary to enhance smooth communication with and optimal results of your extended team. Operational process set-up includes e.g. translation of documents in English but just as well al the relevant technology needed for you to manage both teams.


We provide communication training for your local team so communication is as efficient as possible and both ends of the communication are aware of cultural differences. This includes communication training in tools like Skype or other virtual communication tools.
Once your setup is complete you can opt for a training on how to integrate your new team’s cooperation into your local team.

Extended team management and team setup

We set up a team that is integrated into your local business. Quality control is important on this side: people need to stay motivated but they also need to deliver high quality results because the end product always prevails. That’s were our local presence comes in. We keep an eye on the quality of your outsourcing project e.g. full software development projects including quality guarantee.
Not only do we set up your extended team we maintain contact by visits on regular bases.

Agile development methodology

Our experience serves our customers. To avoid typical pitfalls in your outsourcing project we support you at every step in your project. Our implementation support doesn’t stop once your team is set up. Our agile development methodology offers you full control on implementation and development: 2-weekly sprints, retrospective meetings, testing and constant quality assurance assures pitfall avoidance.

Communication with your extended team

Your new team is not an replacement of your local team, it’s an extension. Team events, our constant efforts to increase team productivity and if necessary resolving communication issues assures you your outsourcing project is in good hands.

An extended team is only an extention of your local team if they are committed. We coach them in communicating during your nearshoring or offshoring project. So you can rely on a focused team that’s commited on obtaining the predetermined objectives.

We provide language and technical trainings.

These workshops are organized at your extended team’s premises, but we also organize trips to Belgium to your company and make sure their connection with you is strengthened.

Our goal is to make both your local team as your extended team get the feeling that they are part of the bigger picture.

Of course every question and every team is different. Want to see how we can support you in your nearshoring or offshoring project ? Let’s do an audit and check first:

Let’s do an audit and check first: