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Nearshoring: bringing outsourcing closer to home

Your company is ready for its next big step but resources in Belgium are scarce. The solution is simple. You turn to outsourcing. For years, companies have looked towards offshoring to fill the gap. Unfortunately, many have faced problems of which poor communication, cultural differences and lack of expertise are only a few. Well, the answer is here and it’s called “nearshoring”.

In need of resources?

In short, it’s where you find adequate resources to:

  • Supplement existing operations
  • Replace your existing needs
  • Operate autonomously on projects assigned by you

With offshoring, you would look to Asia but since the labour costs have been rising this is no longer as attractive. Nearshoring solutions are found in Eastern Europe, in the south of Europe, North Africa.

There’s more than offshoring

The most common problems with offshoring are poor communication and cultural differences. Communicating with people closer to home means similar work ethics. It also means more direct contact as you’re working in the same time zone.

Looking for regions that lean towards yours will reduce the cultural differences. Although the importance of expectation management is not to be underestimated, being on the same page will help you strive towards the same goals.

Nearshoring in Belgium

We can support your complete nearshoring project. We learn to know your company and share the same values. We always start from within your company, your need for resources, your organization and your way of communicating and planning.
Our local presence in nearshoring countries offers you the possibility to maintain control over your project.
We have got the right skills to find the right people and assure the best fit for your Belgian company.

Nearshore outsourcing is on the rise. If you are hesitant about stepping into the nearshoring stream, you might consider a short-term nearshoring project. You will find that your nearshore team is a great extension of your company’s expertise and work process. It will give you the opportunity of keeping up with demand while staying one step ahead of the competition.