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The meaning of outsourcing is literally looking for sources outside of your company. Outsourcing means contracting other developers, engineers, marketers, etc. for a certain period of time to execute certain tasks for your company and in this way you reduce costs.

In general you have various options: offshoring, which is outsourcing your activities to another country like India,The Philippines,… nearshoring, meaning outsourcing to a nearby country, onshoring which is looking for resources in your country but not inside your company and there’s also right-shoring, which basically means choosing the right shoring for your company. This can be a combination or not.. of these options.

Nearshoring or nearshore offshoring is extending your local team with resources in a nearby country like The Ukraine, the South of Spain or Morocco for example.

A good definition of offshoring or offshore outsourcing is hiring resources, IT skills or software development skills for example in another country to reduce costs in your own country.

Onshore outsourcing means you hire resources at a reduced cost in your own country but outside of your own company.

Right-shoring is finding the right shoring strategy for your company. This can perfectly mean you combine onshore and offshore outsourcing or you only nearshore IT skills for example.

Outsourcing benefits are many: you reduce costs, obtain a higher retention rate for your local team and you can count on highly trained skills for your project.

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