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Outsourcing management: communication matters

Having a team work on your projects from a distance may include some difficulties. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just need to know how to manage the project. An expert partner that guides you throughout your project is one thing, but some things will always be in your own hands.

Remote team communication

Nearshore outsourcing is like having a long-distance relationship. It requires sufficient communication and for that: you need the right tools. So, step 1 will always be to invest in the necessary communication tools.

E-mail is often not fast or clear enough, and it may cause an overload in your employees’ mailboxes. So instead of relying on the mainstream tools, you should invest in tools that can help your employees without causing changes that are too big.

Simple changes like using Google Hangout, Slack or Skype are vital in remote team communication.

Outsourcing management is company culture beyond borders

Besides communication, it is also important to make your remote team feel like they are really a part of the company. And as they are working on your projects, following your lead, they actually are. So, if you want to work together successfully it is important to communicate your company culture.

If you want your remote team to deliver the work the way you would expect from your in-house employees, you need to treat them the same way. In other words, inform your remote team on the company values, the means and ways of communicating with fellow employees and the mission and vision of your company. It will only help them move forward with you.

Of course, we understand you need guidance here. Expert knowledge is important to help you set up your team, facilitate communication and guide towards a great outsourcing project. At Alumnos, we pay a lot of attention to the fit between different companies. That is why we can provide you with the best services when it comes to nearshore outsourcing projects.