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advantages of outsoucing.

Advantages of outsourcing

Outsourcing: what does it mean?

Outsourcing in a nearshore context is basically preparing your local team to collaborate with a team abroad. But no worries you’re not alone in this. We help you set up the new collaboration models and the operational processes including technologies. We can coach your local team during team meetings, retrospectives and evaluations. We keep your extended team at their best. We coach the team to be committed to their job and to stay focused on reaching the objectives. 

Advantages of outsourcing

The advantages of outsourcing are obviously cost-reducing. But there’s more.These advantages you didn’t know of:

Working agile

We can provide Certified Scrum masters and ITIL consultants to coach your team.

If you have already a team set up abroad, but the collaboration between your local team and your abroad team is not going smoothly, we can provide you with cultural coaches who will teach you how to interact with your specific abroad partner.

Managed Team

You don’t need to go offshore all the way. Companies with little or no international outsourcing experience can choose a managed team. This option is especially interesting if you encounter shortage in local management resources. It allows our customers to bootstrap their outsourced team in no time. You can count on a full-time or part-time service delivery manager who has a lot of experience with coaching international teams.

Remote team

This is the perfect solution for customers with some international outsourcing experience and companies with local management capacities. After our screening process, your local manager is officially introduced to the extended team.

Download our white paper: 7 things you didn’t know about nearshoring.

No replacing of the local team

We are not replacing your internal team by international resources. Instead, we help you extend your team. We do this by placing key resources on strategic places. Not to own those places but to train and coach your internal employees so they can manage them themselves.


Not sure if your company is ready for international teams? Let’s do an audit and check first:


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