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Business agreement managed services

Why managed services outsourcing?

If you’re looking for managed application services, you expect complete visibility, resource scalability but you have to be on top of mobility, cloud solutions and security.

Your business depends on:

  • these insights in interfaces,
  • incidents and outages,
  • the data that moves within the applications,
  • and their infrastructure.

You need your team to truly understand and offer expertise when being responsible for your application maintenance.

If you’re managing your applications in-house things can get challenging, especially if you’re managing a complex and dynamic environment.
Can you handle the different priorities? Do you have enough resources?
You’re still responsible for cost-saving measures wherever you can so your IT team and eventually the company can grow, right?

The advantage of scrum in outsourcing managed application services

Working with a scrum team offers a high level of visibility. Our support engineers are trained to provide you with information on their milestones. In scrum these are frequent. This way you know exactly in what stage your project is and what the status is.
The requirements are agreed on in the first steps of our nearshoring project.
Just as the SLAs are. This enhances the cooperation between your native team and your extended team because full transparency is ensured regarding

  • requirements,
  • existing applications,
  • issues,
  • contract terms,
  • including key SLAs and
  • personnel requirements.

Scrum with its frequent updates can prove to be an advantage over your traditional provider. It offers you much more than a stable environment and cost-saving. Our nearshoring consultants endeavor constant innovation: your applications are constantly evaluated and adapted to your business needs.

The advantage of nearshoring: your managed applications services nearby without quality loss

The advantages of technology offers the possibility to work from anywhere you’d like. Countries like Bulgaria or The Ukraine offer skilled resources like support engineers that ensure high-quality managed application services.
They have a large tradition of scholars in IT, while their government supports tech companies.

To ensure your priorities, needs, goals and resources are covered we cooperate with partners that manage and innovate your application portfolio. We make an assessment of applications that are ready to be phased out, merged or replaced.

The challenge of nearshoring: communicating with your extended team

As a nearshoring customer you should be aware that outsourcing in general involves complete analysis of your project. You need to have a clear goal of necessary resources, a cost/time analysis and well-set goals.
Don’t forget you will be communicating in a different way with your extended team, they are not in-house resources. This implies you will not only be communicating in a different language, but you will also need to adjust to new tools to bridge the distance.
Luckily, we support you in every step of the way: from change management to communication support.
Our team works on-site as well as in-house, this way we can ensure your in-house team really connects with the extended team.