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Why a nearshore IT team is your best solution

The IT bottleneck in Belgium

Finding the right IT talent in Belgium is a true bottleneck in the Belgian job market. VDAB releases reports on occupation shortages annually and the IT sector has been present in this report every time since the 90s.

There are two types of shortages: quantitative and qualitative shortages. Quantitative shortages are shortages caused by:

  • A lack of education for the specific area of expertise, or
  • Part time resources that cannot fill the full time demand, or
  • A lack of graduates to fill the demand on the job market in the specific area of expertise.

Qualitative shortages are the result of a sufficient amount of job-seekers but:

  • they are not competent for the job or
  • they haven’t specialized in a necessary area of expertise.

For IT both shortages are present, especially when it comes to leading roles in IT or analyst-developers.

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Why choose a nearshore team?

Companies often try to attract the available talent in Belgium by extensive searches and major investments in recruitment. But it doesn’t have to cost that much. There is another solution too: it’s simple and cost efficient, and it’s called nearshoring.

Setting up a nearshore team will save you the effort and tons of money to finding

  • Enough employees
  • Qualitative employees.

With the right nearshoring partner, you will be able to have a team abroad that fills your exact needs.

Outsourcing to the rescue

Nearshoring is a safe solution. There are countries in Europe and even close enough outside Europe that don’t have an IT shortage like Belgium has. Because they have the right talent available on the job market, setting up a team in those countries is a simple and efficient solution for your company.

Of course, there are some issues related to setting up a team abroad:

  • Do they have the necessary skills?
  • What regulations do we have to keep in mind?
  • Can they deliver what we need (in time)?
  • How do we communicate?
  • Is there a time difference we can cover?

There are so much more questions but to answer them you need a specialist with experience in the field. A qualitative nearshoring partner will handle and process these questions together with you and provide a solid solution. Would you like to know more about our approach to nearshoring?

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