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what is nearshoring

What is nearshoring?

What is outsourcing and why should you consider nearshore outsourcing? Nearshoring is outsourcing one or more business processes to a nearby region. Nearshore outsourcing is your international endeavor and needs appropriate support.

Outsourcing definition

Outsourcing is contracting another company to transfer otherwise internally conducted services to them.

Transferring your business to another country also means communicating in a different language, with a different culture with their own customs.

Starting a nearshoring project requires a well thought out set-up so you are aware of:

  • travel costs
  • communication requirements
  • risk management costs
  • security of your data

Nearshoring is preparing your own team

Communicating with your team in Kiev, Malaga doesn’t mean your IT manager should better start taking up Spanish or Ukrainian classes.

English should do just fine.

But have you thought about translating all the required documents and files for the project into English?

Again, a nearshoring partner is a real partner who can advise you in these preparations.

Your own IT team will be much likely communicating by Skype or FaceTime. Is everybody on board with these technologies? Read on about nearshoring in our free white paper.

Nearshoring is offering more quality than before

An extension of your team is providing your local team with some breathing space so they can spend more time on their own projects and you can think about innovation.

The transfer of your business processes should be enhancing your business and thus providing your customers with a high quality product or service.

Nearshoring companies that know what they’re doing coach and train your management, team leads, developers and business people.

Nearshoring is a very interesting and even fascinating world that can turn into a financial hangover if you don’t cooperate with the right partner. On the other hand, if you do properly implement the concept, it’s a solid base to achieve goals with a correct implementation, coaching, supervision and governance. You can even execute projects with a budget you wouldn’t even have considered possible.
Don’t jump right in but look for mentoring by experts in this field.

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