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nearshoring central east europe

Discover the rich talent pool of Central and Eastern Europe

The emerging economies of the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) are gaining interest in a growing number of countries. Mostly because there is a potentially global talent pool of IT-skilled employees, ready to take on your next project.

In the CEE the proficiency of English has increased over the past few years, enabling international collaborations through outsourcing. Besides that, there is a general increase in education level, providing IT talent that is missing in our Belgian market.

Find IT resources where they are, instead of investing in the small talent pool everyone is using.

The presence of IT talent is a great opportunity. It saves costs in sourcing and finding the right talent for your company. How about finding a partner who can solve the problem and guide you towards a tailor-made outsourcing solution?

The wages in the CEE are lower, so the cost-reduction factor is interesting for companies who consider outsourcing IT. But on top of that: there is a pool of talent that is very diverse and specialized.

A talent pool to fit your needs.

Central and Easter Europe is gaining popularity. Not just because of the fact that it is closer to Western Europe, there’s more. The recent development of the CEE as a growing outsourcing area has caused for these countries to invest in education and labour.

As a result, they can differentiate from outsourcing companies like India, by providing more diverse profiles. These are capable of executing more complex and experimental projects. Where India may be a great outsourcing country for standardized development projects, the CEE can handle a challenge when it comes to IT.

The CEE is the place to be.

Eastern Europe has a lot of potential. Countries like Poland, the Ukraine and Romania have already proven themselves as trustworthy countries for outsourcing projects, with guaranteed quality in IT projects.

Nevertheless, you need to consider the importance of local presence in finding the right team to work with. That is why a nearshoring partner is vital in setting up a project. Would you like to know more about our services and approach? Contact us.