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Secure nearshoring

Secure nearshoring: how to do it safe?

Nearshoring is the new offshoring and the new outsourcing all together. IT outsourcing is gradually on the decline. IT departments are reviewing their core team and assessing their offshoring investments. With a shortage of IT skills the task of protecting data is becoming crucial. Outsourcing your data, especially to other countries is a bit of an issue. Nearshoring is the answer to shortage of skills without putting your company’s data at risk:

Nearshoring… what does it mean again?

Nearshoring and offshoring is outsourcing your business or at least a part of it to other countries. Whereas offshoring to countries like India or China was the way to go for many years, nearshoring (and thus outsourcing to a nearby country) is gaining popularity these last few years. The advantages of nearshoring are many: there is no big time difference, nor cultural differences, it’s easier to visit your extended team if necessary and Europe also provides people educated in universities with long traditions in IT and engineering.

Why doubt?

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Nearshoring in a safe way

As a nearshoring partner we’ve accompanied many of our customers on their outsourcing to countries like Ukraine, Spain, Morocco,…

Some of them had bad experiences with near or offshoring.

So we know how important guidance is when you start your first nearshoring adventure. We prepare our customers from the inside out:

  • we deploy scrum
  • we help them translate documents to English
  • we support them in implementing procedures and
  • we prepare them for a complete different way of communicating with their extended team.

It’s perfectly possible to design a strategy in which you keep your core close and outsource those skills that are viable to give your company breathing room and focus on what really matters.

Your team on the other side

That doesn’t mean you outsource what’s least important. In the country of your choice we provide expertise in recruiting just the right people for the job, setting up the team, providing them with the necessary tools and implementing the procedures on their side.

This way our customer’s nearshoring become success stories. In close cooperation with them they’ve turned their extended team truly as a part of their business.

Nearshoring for your business?

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