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Lisbon Portugal start-ups

Portugal made efforts to attract investors

Lisbon is alive. The city is rapidly growing on several fronts:

Sustainable tourism had its way with the city and is changing it like never before. Lisbon is definitely playing on a world level here. Web Summit, one of the biggest marketing events in Europe even made it’s second homebase in the sunny capital of Portugal.
Being such a vibrating place it has been attracting entrepreneurship and innovation all over the city. The last few years we can can even speak of an entrepreneurial boom with the creation of the Lisbon start-up scene.

Lisbon has a lot to offer.

  • Services for one are being created by qualified human resources,
  • a huge competitiveness in the prices of services and
  • the quality they offer.

On top of that their infrastructure makes all the difference with telecommunications as the most modern and competitive one of all.

What has Portugal done these last few years to get here?

Portugal has revived. The Portuguese implemented more or less 500 measures to enter the markets as a more competitive player.
They did so by reducing the budget for public spending and took measures to make the labor market more flexible.
They regained the international trust in their country.

Portugal has been strengthening its competitiveness and business environment. But there’s more to come.
There is less unemployment, exports have even grown at a sustainable rate and investment is catching up.

Portugal is a leading country in providing technological services. The country now has high quality infrastructures and is Europe’s gateway to a market of more than 500 million people in Europe.
The potential is enormous in terms of talent, with a flexible, motivated and productive workforce with a high level of education and mastery of other languages.

Portugal has become an attractive destination for investors, offering unique competitive advantages.
Want to know what your options are in Portugal or maybe you need another outsourcing solution? Let’s have a coffee.