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Outsourcing strategy

Having an outsourcing strategy makes the difference

The IT business is our country has been under great pressure the past few years. Digitalization is taking up speed and the situation urges companies to step it up. The necessary talent, however, is of great shortage in our country.

Outsourcing provides a solution to that shortage. But the question is: are outsourcing companies doing it right?

Finding the right outsourcing partners is of the essence

Some organizations are scared to take the step towards an outsourcing project. Not only are they unsure about what to expect, but they are also scared that something may go wrong.

Outsourcing strategy
Having an outsourcing strategy makes the difference


The fact is, outsourcing is a business like any other business. It requires knowledge of the market and business you’re working in. Some companies believe they can set up a remote team by themselves without help from a professional partner. But the reality proves that a cooperation with specialized outsourcing partners is what you need to succeed.

Here’s what they can help you with:
– Finding the right remote team for your project
– Set up the project together with your internal team
– Facilitate change in the company towards success
– Evaluation of the project and adjustment when necessary

Nearshore IT outsourcing is a smart decision

Why? First of all, the shortage of resources causes notably higher sourcing costs and salary for IT specialists. In the CEE the wages are prominently lower than they are in Western Europe, but the quality of work delivered is the same.

Secondly, IT is a great product for outsourcing. Everything is digital. You can follow-up in real-time and act quick when something is not right. The same does not hold true for goods or consumer products. Communication, product and result are all made possible through today’s digital environment.

Strategic outsourcing from the inside out

Of course, these changes imply that a strategy is essential. Organizing your business internally is the first step:
– Internal communication & strategy needs to be ready
– Your IT department needs information about the approach
– Your HR department needs to know how to work with the other teams

Some business processes will change: what can you handle internally, what will go to your remote team?

These preparations may take some time, unless you know how ready your business is for this kind of project. And that is exactly what your outsourcing partner will help you with.

Your outsourcing decision made easy

If you know what your company is ready for, it is only a matter of taking that outsourcing decision and lift your organization to the next level. You just need a professional nearshoring partner to help you deliver a successful project and provide a great nearshoring experience.

By taking a nearshoring assessment you can discover the possibilities for your company and discover the next steps towards a successful nearshoring project.

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