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We select and recruit the right skills

In your nearshoring project, we spend attention on the consultant’s mentality towards your company.
Every step of the way is a matter of selecting the skills that match your project, your company, your team.
International recruitment requires insight in cultural differences: collaborating with IT developers in Eastern Europe is different from a South-american collaboration.

So how can you be sure of the right skills abroad?

We offer a thorough audit of your company or project. Our experts start by examining every part of the project you need nearshoring skills for. This implies your commitment and ensures optimal matching of your needs and the skills abroad.

Once this audit has been done and we thoroughly know your company or project we get to the recruitment of specialist skills.

   Preparation on your side

Depending on your preferences and availability the selection can be done on site or via video conference. Either way we need your input to know what your specific needs are: technical, but just as well soft skills.
We open the vacancy as soon as we have a complete agreement on the input. After that we assign one of our local recruiters to your project.
We advertise your vacancy to get the word out and attract possible candidates.


 Skills search

Starting our skills search takes various HR interviews of the possible candidates. Our consultants are local HR experts. This means they interview candidates according to the local practices and procedures.
Once various candidates are selected their profiles are presented to you.



Cultural matching is one aspect of the job recruitment, testing the skills of your new candidate(s) is another. And both are equally important for your business.
We test the technical skills that are required for your business and/or your project and schedule a technical interview with the candidate.
All these results are again presented to you and reviewed by you.


 Hiring the right candidate(s)

Once both sides agree on the job offer your right candidate or a complete team is hired to take your project to another level.
Evaluation and follow-up is assured.

Thanks to our local presence for your nearshoring or offshoring projects we assure you a high-quality selection process in which our recruiters are trained.

We accompany you to the location of your extended team and guide you through the local selection process. This can be very different from your own selection process and we provide protection from well-known pitfalls in selecting the right candidate.

These companies extended their team with us: