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Partner selection

The select group of partners we work with provide us with resources for all our needs, ad hoc resources, fixed price projects and consultancy.

These partners are evaluated on:

  • their selection process
  • retention policy
  • social package and
  • training programs.

Nearshore IT outsourcing partners

Our partners are IT expert teams. We work with a select group only.

We guarantee this quality through certain parameters:

    We only work with local partners in outsourcing areas

Our partners not only have specialized knowledge in the IT area, they are also up to date on changes and evolutions. While focusing on their own market they keep an eye on changes worldwide. In other words, we are looking for partners that know how to grow and scale with the outsourcing companies they work with.

   We focus on specialized knowledge

We work with experts only. Nearshoring in Europe is booming, leading to a growth in broad profiles. But we want to focus on expert collaborations. By partnering up with companies that have specific areas of expertise we can focus on project needs and deliver these with the necessary skills.

   We are looking for the right fit

Our partners have the same goal: to help our client reach his goals through an extended team abroad. But it doesn’t stop there. Our partners understand our way of working and our ways to collaborate. They understand the importance of being a remote team, and at the same time really being part of the team.

   We support further development of knowledge

Our remote teams need to get the chance to further develop their knowledge. As experts in the field they need to keep up with the developments in their specific areas of expertise. This way, we don’t fall into the trap of working with broad IT profiles, but with highly skilled experts.

Nearshoring partners: what are we looking for? Alumnos is looking for specialized teams in different areas of expertise

Besides these areas of expertise we are always looking out for new partnerships with quality teams abroad.

Are you ready to work with companies in Belgium? Contact us.