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The right model for your team extension

We offer 3 models in different setups for nearshore or offshore outsourcing. Each of these models can be combined or extended by another model. Depending on the needs and challenges of your business we implement setup of project teams, extended teams and peak resources. Let’s take a look at the project teams, extended teams and peak resources:

Project Teams

Alumnos Project Teams takes your project requirements or business vision and turns them into a working product. Before commencing development, an Alumnos specialist will setup a workshop session to ensure and facilitate knowledge transfer between stakeholders. SCRUM-driven development streamlines development and reduces delays and cost-overruns. We provide post-release support and maintenance for your product.

Workshop for knowledge transfer

To prepare the workshop we ask you to fill out a kick-off document. We will use this document as a starting point for the workshop with one of our Alumnos consultants. A common vision is defined for your solution and we facilitate knowledge transfer between the stakeholders.

Continuous optimization

We use mockups to create user accepted and adoptable products. Agile development ensures that ideas and client acceptance is aligned continuously. After product delivery we arrange support on the given solutions. Once you begin cooperation in the project model, we assign you a local SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) to assist you in the project. It’s up to you to opt for a full nearshore or offshore model with local SPOC or in a mixed team with 50% nearshore and 50% local resources. Whatever model you choose or combinations you make, we take ownership on the quality of the projects.

Extended team

In the extended team model we set up a software development team together with you. This extended team corresponds to your:

  • methodologies,
  • technical platform,
  • practices,
  • workflow tools,
  • management style and
  • business culture.

We get to work as your personal recruiting, retention, consulting, administration, IT and finance departments. This way you can focus 100% on your core business. You could compare the extended team model with having your development team back home: a team of full-time developers for a mid/long-term perspective. The developers are your resources and are managed by you (with our help); they see themselves as part of your company, identify themselves with your company vision, and are passionate about your technology and products – just as a great team back home would be!


As a lot of our suppliers don’t have people on the bench, waiting for work, developers typically quit jobs at other companies to come and work for you… if they like your business idea and technology platform, in combination with the advantages offered by working in the suppliers´ community. This gives significant advantages, compared to classic outsourcing, in terms of consistency in building of:

  • know-how
  • motivation & dedication
  • low employee fluctuation
  • meeting deadlines, etc.

We help you select the correct supplier for you according to your needs and guide you through the selection and recruitment process.

Advantages of the extended team model

• No conflict of interest; the developers belong to you – and not to the outsourcing provider. • You have full operational control. • Open book with full cost control: you pay Salary, tax and supplier fee per employee, per month. • High scalability and flexibility in up- or down-scaling a development team. • No long-term binding contracts (may be terminated with 30-days’ notice). • You choose developers, and developers choose you.

Peak Resources

With Peak Resources, we help you meet deadlines and/or solve temporary or difficult IT tasks without changing the structure of the existing team. Ordering peak resources is only 3 steps away:

  1. Request a profile, skills needed, short description of the task(s), estimation on startdate.
  2. You receive cv’s over a period of one hour to a couple of days.
  3. Short interview with the consultant if needed.

Hiring doesn’t include any complicated contracts (NDA and one page agreement). No long term agreements needed.

Benefits of peak resources

• Short and easy hiring process • Senior level consultants • High-quality standards and legal guarantees • Very attractive hourly rates • No long-term obligations, and easy exit upon completion of the task • Ad-hoc services

When should you hire peak resources?

• Need of a temporary IT specialist for the period of the hiring process of full time employees • Deadlines which require ‘extra hands’ • Need of temporary special skills which are not usual for the project, • Team requires IT training • Design • Testing • Expertise in specific areas

We provide you with a team of delivery managers, project managers, technical leads, resource managers, recruiters, scrum masters, Itil consultants, Architects, IT managers, transformation managers and many more.
Ready to extend your team? We offer you the possibility to do an audit before you actually start nearshore outsourcing:
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