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Nearshoring vs offshoring: time to make the choice for your business

Nearshore outsourcing trends go hand in hand with digital transformation. We’re facing a very different landscape in our businesses due to this transformation and we all know it’s time to prepare.
No more business as usual because that is not going to get you to the level to compete with your competitors. But you haven’t got the resources, nor the time and don’t even mention budgets. That’s when you consider nearshore outsourcing.

Application development requires a whole new set of different skills

Your in-house developers don’t have time to focus on a new project and all of your current projects still are fixed-price projects.
Digital transformation requires a team that’s ready to work in an agile way, a team that acquired a whole new skills set.
What kind of team this is depends on your business needs. Offshoring as a standard solution for a team is long behind us.

Nearshoring preparations: how to decide on your new team?

As a business fronting the digital transformation you dispose of an extensive amount of new possibilities to help you prepare.
Offshoring was once the only solution to extend your team and the way traditional offshoring projects were handled did not exactly increase satisfaction.
But new cooperation models have arisen, all tailored on the diversity of business needs and business models.

So how do you prepare for nearshoring?

Determine business objectives:
Core competencies that are vital to your business are not to be outsourced.

Work in an agile way with your nearshore outsourcing partner:
Agile projects offer you insights in the complete project every step of the way. A 2-weekly meeting exposes possible delays or new opportunities in your project

Communication should be your priority:
For any nearshoring project, communication should be optimized for both teams: your local team and your extended team. Investing in tools that makes this easier is one of the first things on your to do list.

3 nearshoring models tailored to your business

When you have obtained insights in your business needs and made proper preparation you’ll determine which nearshoring model is apt for the skills you need to add to your team.

Project teams

In a project team, you’re assigned a local SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) to assist you in the project.

You can decide on a complete or mixed nearshore model with or without your own team getting involved in this project.
We take ownership on the quality of your projects.

Extended teams

An extended team is temporarily your own team. You manage your extended team completely and they identify themselves with your company.
You take ownership on the quality of your projects.

Peak resources

This solution is excellent if you need fast and short intervening. Holiday periods or just a short-term project with high demands? Peak resources doesn’t include complicated contracts.

Do you need extra resources? Let’s start by getting to know each other.