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nearshoring the future

Nearshoring: the future for your IT team

Ukraine: nearshore destination

Nearshoring, a relatively new concept for some businesses is a welcome solution for most. Nearshoring is transferring part of your operations to other countries so you can work at lower costs.

Normally you don’t outsource your core competences.

Call centres and manufacturing are 2 of the most common operations to be outsourced, although IT development & support and software development are popular competences as well. What is nearshoring and why can this just be the solution for your IT team?

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Advantages of nearshore outsourcing

  • Some of Sillicon Valley’s most important companies
  • Banks like Citibank, Santander, Deutsche Bank
  • Manufacturing at Ford and Caterpillar

These are just some of many examples of companies that have found their way to nearshoring in an effort to cut costs.

For American companies Mexico and Costa Rica are becoming the alternative of China as an outsourcing country, for European countries Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Ukraine are popular destinations.

Nearshoring is moving your business closer by, no more time-zone differences and easier communication.


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Which country to choose as my nearshore outsourcing partner?

Making your choice of nearshoring country depends on what skills you need for your nearshore project. These regions have a history of technical knowledge or their economies have invested in their resources.

  • The labor costs are relatively low
  • there are no major cultural differences
  • and not having to bridge time zones is one frustration less to avoid.

Innovation for your IT team

“CIOs will need to become much more focused on innovation, and less focused on just keeping the lights on.” — Alastair Behenna, principal analyst serving CIOs at analyst group Forrester Research.

Big data, internet of things and always improving customer service. The future of IT is interesting and you need to focus on innovation. Nearshoring is making time for your IT team to invest in this.

Outsource processes so you can make time and create budget for projects that matter to your organization.

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