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Nearshoring your software department

Outsourcing can be a useful tool when local resources offer you little or no competitive advantage. Especially if you decide to take your activities overseas, to remote countries with lower labour costs for example. But do these ‘quick’ gains really outweigh the cultural, operational and logistical problems that this type of offshore outsourcing implies?

Advantages of nearshore outsourcing for your IT

However, there is another way to look at outsourcing. Traditionally companies search to extend their teams for testing, developmental or executing purposes. But outsourcing – under the right circumstances – works just as well in processes or governance. And these circumstances are more easily established in countries nearby.
Nearshore outsourcing allows you to set up activities in countries that are closer to the head office, both in distance as in cultural standards, but still offer you a profitable advantage.

Advantages of nearshoring for software outsourcing are:

  • a strategical choice for a specific country with the expertise for your software
  • lower IT costs by 20% to even 40%
  • possibility of short term projects to try out collaboration
  • lower risk for physical security and intellectual property, because of shared EU laws and regulations for example
  • lower costs for cultural training, travel expenses, time zone challenges

Nearshoring in Belgium, for your IT team

So if you want to reduce costs, but still keep a quality code and therefore ensure growth, nearshoring might just be the solution for your company. If you don’t have the competences that you need for a part of your project, nearshoring allows you to collaborate.

Wether it’s for a determined period of time or longer, get the perfect match for your existing team and get rid of all the administrative work for hiring and firing somebody.

We can offer you the right guidance and preparation to obtain an enduring outcome for your company.