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Nearshoring in Belgium Part I

Why are you thinking about outsourcing to another country?

Most Belgian companies are in search for more and different IT skills. Outsourcing is an excellent solution for our lack of qualified IT resources. Nearshoring or offshoring, outsourcing in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg is a common IT solution.

Are we willing to acquire our resources in foreign countries?

Belgian IT is struggling with polarization.

“Caused by technological progress, which replaces workers in routine jobs with an average wage, but which is not (yet) capable of carrying out the non-routine work of low-paid and high-paid workers; and to a lesser extent by the offshoring of work to other countries.”

– Goos & Salomons: The changing structure & quality of jobs in Belgium.

IT in Belgium: where do we stand?

The IDI (ICT Development Index) of 2016 that not only rates our level of ICT developments but also sheds light on progress, ranks us at the 22nd place worldwide.

South Korea is the absolute winner, followed by 2 other Asia-Pacific economies, and 7 European ones. These developed and high-income countries have invested and innovated, resulting in a high level of ICT. They also have populations with relatively high incomes and the right skills.

So what about those skills? Why can’t we seem to find the right skills?

Read more in our nearshoring white paper.

Belgium and IT: managing the information technology resource

The number of IT jobs in Belgium has increased the last couple of years. By now more than 4% of working Belgians is active as a computer specialist.

So we’re highly skilled, we have high incomes, we invest in IT and still… despite all these conditions, we’re not finding the right skills for our IT jobs.

As for now, IT people just did there job, not knowing where their company was heading, nor how IT could be more of an asset to the business decisions about to be taken. A technical team of mercenaries who simply execute the orders they receive.

That’s all coming to an end. IT has become part of the business strategy.

So we all need a different kind of IT resources. Outsourcing with a vision and independent of the country we’re looking for our skills.

Nearshoring is the answer to our changing IT landscape. Regions like Kiev in the Ukraine or Malaga in the south of Spain are nuclei of highly skilled IT people. Investing in communication and connection between your company and the resources in these countries opens up your market.

Not sure if your company is ready for an international team extension? Let’s do an audit and check first:


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