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Nearshoring in Belgium Part II

Nearshoring is changing.

It’s changing in that way that before, a certain number of IT professionals was hired, whereas now… the complete task is outsourced.

Nearshoring: the answer to changes

Technological possibilities in combination with this nearshoring will help us adapt to the changes in the employment structure.

Why are people still hesitant towards nearshoring then?

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Communication is key

Little by little companies realize that outsourcing needs continuous management.

In Belgium and The Netherlands only less than 10% of companies is not satisfied with the outsourcing partner they work with. Again, it’s important to point out the responsibilities of the customer and their investment in governing the skills they hire.

Because several aspects need to be taken into consideration before partnering up with IT skills in another country.

Communication is one of them.

Investing in a team of highly skilled people in a country like Spain is investing in smooth communication with people:

  • who have a very different way of recruiting
  • who have a different way of working
  • who have a different time scheduling for working
  • who have a different relationship with their responsible coordinator

Why investing in nearshoring is more than just an IT team abroad

Your nearshoring solution should always be an extension of your local IT team. Companies have bad experiences with nearshoring or offshoring partners because they dove right in without any guidance.

What to consider before you invest in nearshoring:

  • What country is known for highly skilled people in your business?
  • Is your company technically equipped to work with an extended team?
  • Have you secured data and processes?
  • Can you adapt to communicating with an extended team?

These are just a few of the questions that have to be taken in account and be answered before you can decide on a solution.

You’re not the only company thinking about nearshoring or offshoring. Our customers integrated their extended team in their business. Opting for a long-term durable solution.

Have you got more questions? Are you considering nearshoring or offshoring?

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