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Handling your HR 2017: nearshore outsourcing benefits

Handling your HR department in 2017: know your nearshore outsourcing benefits

Human resources: when people think about the term in an outsourcing context, they often seem to diminish the area of expertise to recruitment. Finding the right talent, however, is only a small part of a whole range of activities that organize teams on the workfloor.

What are HR services for a nearshoring team?

Fact is: setting up a nearshoring team is not easy. When you choose to outsource your IT activities, the impact on the HR team is quite large. That is why an experienced partner is not a luxury, but a necessity.

In general, HR contains recruitment, payroll and its administration, employee engagement. In short: everything concerning your employees. And that includes your outsourced team. But when deciding upon an outsourcing solution, that shouldn’t imply a heavier workload on your HR team.

Nearshore outsourcing is meant to increase business efficiency, not to create an extra workload.

The challenges of nearshoring

When a nearshore outsourcing team is set up, certain things change: you need to recruit talent in a country and job market that you aren’t familiar with. Besides the job market, the HR approach abroad is often not entirely the same as your own, because of cultural differences. In all of these situations, communication is key.

On top of that: to improve communication, it is important to make your outsourced team feel as a part of the company. The distance is only one thing, but again communication is the foundation of a great cooperation between the teams.

On a deeper level, the employees in an outsourced team will need training and management to deliver every project successfully, just like any other employee will need extra training for specific projects. How to manage these extra employees with these challenges ahead?

Top HR solutions: benefits of nearshore outsourcing

The reason why organizations don’t succeed in setting up their nearshoring team is often found in a lack of communication and know-how in the HR department. When outsourcing IT, the previously mentioned challenges need to be tackled with experience. And that is where Alumnos steps in.

Alumnos is a partner that makes it its business and expertise to facilitate the communication between your outsourced team and your internal team. We believe that you need experts that have knowledge of the job market and cultural approach in different countries in outsourcing destinations.

Furthermore, HR administration should also be taken into account, and language cannot be a barrier here. And it doesn’t end here. In order to be successful, HR needs to go beyond all that: the follow-up of the team, provision of training and facilitating communication is essential. And that is exactly where Alumnos makes the difference. Would you like to know more about our services? Let’s talk!
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