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ukraine nearshore outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing to the Ukraine

The Ukraine: one of the most popular nearshore destinations in Europe when it comes to IT outsourcing. Over the past few years the country’s IT businesses have boomed: with a healthy and growing startup environment and numerous teams of highly skilled IT staff, the country has proven its worth as an outsourcing destination. Since 2016 the previously private IT market received extra support from the government, which allows it to grow even further. In other words: time to see why the Ukraine is your best outsourcing solution.

1.Great IT skills

In the Ukraine, the level of skills is generally higher than in other Central and Eastern European nearshoring destinations. By combining a level of education that meets or exceeds the standards and a strong professional environment, people in IT can perfect their skills more quickly and to a greater extent.

2. Low wages, high quality

The wages in the Ukraine are higher than in other popular outsourcing countries, like India. The fact is that you need to look at what you get. The quality of work in the Ukraine is a lot higher than in those countries, because of their skilled teams. In other words: you pay a little more, but you will get better results.

3. They’re really innovative

You know the crazy Snapchat filters everyone’s using? Transforming your head into a cat’s head or make rainbows come out of your mouth. Yup, it came from the Ukraine. The startup Looksery created filters for cameras on smartphones. It didn’t take long before Snapchat bought the startup and integrated these filters into their app. They’re not the only example. Grammarly (a tool that helps check your grammar in writings) is another startup that was originated in the Ukraine.

4. Great companies are already outsourcing there

And they are proof of the Ukraine’s value. Snapchat isn’t the only one who has laid an eye on the country. Giants like IBM and Samsung already have teams there. Even Uber. And Just Eat. They’re all great examples. And it doesn’t stop at the outsourcing level. Richard Branson has shown his interest in the Ukraine as an investment area as well.

5. They’re constantly improving

With a literacy rate of almost 100% the Ukraine is one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to language proficiency. They have developed a programme that will increase English proficiency as well, aiming to improve by 2020. They’re already called Europe’s brain basket and with the additional support from investors, stimulating the IT environment, the country is headed towards becoming the greatest talent pool in Europe.

As a nearshore outsourcing partner, of course Alumnos has some highly skilled IT teams in the Ukraine as well. Would you like to know more about our approach and our teams?

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