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Nearshore outsourcing: not just for enterprises

More and more companies are finding their way into alternative solutions when it comes to IT. IT has been a bottleneck on the job market in Western Europe for some time, forcing companies to look for other solutions.

Nearshoring solutions: reducing costs, improving businesses

Outsourcing has existed for quite some time now. Unfortunately, its perception hasn’t always been as positive as it is today. Companies are scared to outsource their work and think they may lose control over their projects. But guess what, they’re wrong.

If you want to outsource your projects, you need a partner who has knowledge of:

  • The market you’re outsourcing to
  • HR in an outsourcing context
  • Managing teams & communication

With a partner that provides high-quality resources, nearshore outsourcing has proven to reduce costs and improve business.

Why? Because it allows for companies to focus on what they’re good at: their business.

Outsourcing for start-ups

Working with remote teams has long been considered to be an enterprises-only solution. But with the maturing of the market and further specialization of teams in Eastern Europe, more different types of projects are being outsourced.

Not just long-term projects, but smaller projects are now being outsourced as well. The outsourcing industry is ready to welcome projects from start-ups now as well.

Start-ups don’t have the time and resources to find the right talent for IT-projects. Of course, with lower wages and a great range of skills available, outsourcing offers them a great solution. And just like enterprises, they can focus on their business instead of spending money on finding IT skills and developing projects at higher rates.

The most important thing that start-ups need to keep in mind, however, is that they should find the right nearshoring partner to help them set up a successful nearshoring project. With a strong focus on great talent, Alumnos is just that. Discover more about our services.