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how to manage remote teams

How to manage remote employees

Silos are breaking down at our companies. When we explain the need for collaborating with other departments the understanding comes rapidly. It’s quite logical that you keep the conversation going between all departments. This way knowledge doesn’t get stuck in departments and for example salespeople can use data from… let’s say customer service to optimize their sales process. Working in teams that transcend departments mostly implies an important question: how to manage remote employees?

Virtual team communication

Open communication in teams is a core competence of any manager because it means you understand team dynamics, you can direct them in the right direction and coach them. Communication with your team doesn’t mean telling them what to do. It means you are listening and it also means you’re able to communicate the desired result without having to micromanage your team.

We know working with a remote team in most cases means repeating every step of the process and how to execute the project in detail to the other team over and over. Worse even, in the end you still don’t get the result you intended.

The solution? We provide feedback, make recommendations and coach our customers in their scrum method. Why? We’ve experienced that daily stand-ups for example get you back in your project’s driver’s seat. If a member of your remote team gets stuck, you intervene from the start. This way you avoid a bad result and wasting months of recovering and wasting money on a solution.

Team dynamics in the workplace and beyond

Luckily, virtual team communication is a lot easier when you’re using the right technology. Skype calls, Slack conversations, Trello boards: use the tools that suit your remote team’s way of communicating. Get both teams talking and get them to collaborate in your project or even their own project.

If you’re preparing for virtual team collaboration you need to train both technical and communication skills of both teams. Employee morale, clarification, feedback and understanding from both sides is important to make your project successful.
More requirements are needed for a fluent collaboration with your remote team of course. Translating your documents into English and preparing your processes for fast and transparent collaboration.
We can help.

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