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strategical outsourcing

Outsourcing changed into your strategic equipment

When we started out with outsourcing, we mostly encountered questions of cost-saving, some efficiency-related issues or a special skill set that was hard to come by. In the meantime this business has shifted together with technology, which enhanced our sense of
proximity and our businesses’ need for transformation as a result. Outsourcing is not just a sketchy adventure for big businesses only that hire a team in a faraway country to execute the tasks their local team would do but … cheaper. Outsourcing has come of age.

Outsourcing as a way of strategically transforming your business

As a CIO, you’ve probably already had to consider whether you outsource certain departments, tasks, development or any other part of your business.
Maybe you were drawn to the idea but you didn’t know where to start or you started looking but didn’t find the right outsourcing partner or maybe, just maybe, you decided to dive all in and it didn’t end well.

No worries, that’s perfectly normal and lots of our customers have had less satisfying experiences with the way outsourcing was done in the past.

The key to great contemporary outsourcing, whether nearby or further away is strategy and building your strategy on solid communication.

You’re saying outsourcing is more than price negotiation?

How to start an outsourcing project with a successful outcome? We start by auditing our customer. This way you’re sure from the beginning that your company is up for outsourcing and what will be expected from you and your extended team.

Just like any other decision in your digital transformation path, this is one that needs preparation of your complete company.
Translating documents into English
Setting up communication tools for long distance calls
Teaming up with local experts that support you from the beginning till the end

So it’s more than just price negotiation. It’s about finding a team that’s complementary to your own, aligning communication and leaving the negotiating and the high-quality services up to people that are experienced in outsourcing.

Are you up for an extended team? We have a great deal of experience. Just go and see and don’t hesitate to contact us.