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How nearshoring solutions boost the transportation industry

Transportation and logistics has faced some changes the past decades. With globalization broadening its market as well as increasing its competition, T&L companies have survived by their growth rate and agility to meet the customer’s needs.

The next step is digitalization. How will the transportation industry manage digital change? The industry is complex and under constant pressure to keep its costs low. Two reasons that show nearshoring may just be the answer the industry is looking for.

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The challenges nearshoring tackles

Logistics companies today feel the pressure when it comes to digital transformation. Transportation technology is still evolving. Today, data is essential. Capturing, processing and using this data is still a tough nut to crack. Technology is often not up to date and companies cannot keep up with technological developments.

On the other hand, transportation companies that use transportation technology come across the difficulty of finding the right talent for their IT needs. Specialized technology requires professional experience and detailed knowledge of the sector in order to perform well.

Nearshoring solutions for the logistics industry

Nearshoring presents a great solution for a booming industry with giants in the market. It simply keeps your business moving:

You can focus on the core: logistics and transportation

IT and support is not the core business of a T&L company. Setting up a remote team helps the company focus on what it does best and on its further growth.

Increase your efficiency

With the necessary knowledge at hand, a nearshoring team can quickly respond to your business needs. Their experience gives you a head start and provides a tailor-made solution and knows how to tackle the roadblocks.

Reduce the costs of your IT department

The constant need for improvement in IT may be hard to carry by your internal team. Resources in nearshoring destinations are usually less expensive and provide the necessary expertise and quality.

Find the right resources when you need them

You don’t just need an IT department, you need a team that knows your business as well. Finding specialized people is not an easy task. Instead of spending your budget on headhunters, you can set up a team of specialists abroad. The additional advantage is that they are flexible in capacity. In other words: you have the right talent at hand when you need it.

The keys to successful nearshore outsourcing projects

The failure stories that are posted online cast a shadow over the industry. But there are some keys to successful IT outsourcing:

  • Find the right nearshoring partner
  • Specialization is important for nearshore outsourcing solutions, especially in the logistics industry
  • Start small
  • Focus on a long-term relationship

The transportation and logistics industry is a challenging area in development, especially when it comes to IT development. The rapid changes push companies in a globalized market, and they can only thrive if they respond to these changes.

Nearshoring is a great solution for the T&L industry as it reduces costs and increases efficiency. To be successful, however, they need a partner to guide them in the set-up of a nearshore team. Alumnos has an end-to-end service to provide the necessary assistance. With a specialized network in Eastern and Southern Europe the needs of logistics companies can be answered and Alumnos can help them grow.

Would you like to know more about our approach? Read our white paper.