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Communication: the key to a successful nearshoring project

When it comes to nearshoring, organizations are often scared of the impact on their current business. The fact is, the world is changing and your company needs to change or stay behind forever.

Secondly, the biggest impact an organization will find in nearshoring projects is communication. Communication is key to any organization that has different people and departments working together, no matter the distance.

How to tackle the outsourcing challenges?

First of all, your company needs to be ready for a nearshoring project. It means that the departments in your organization need to be ready as well. You can check your nearshoring readiness for example by taking our nearshoring readiness assessment that provides you with essential information and building blocks towards a nearshoring success.

Secondly, the nearshoring business is booming and it’s becoming more difficult to find your way in nearshoring locations, development partners and contract types. Additionally, the coming of the GDPR law is making things more difficult. Fortunately, there is a solution for that too: finding the right nearshoring partners.

Both challenges are actually defined by communication. Your nearshoring readiness will heavily depend on the way in which internal communication is currently handled. It will also imply a change in language (from Dutch to English), in order to communicate easily with the remote team. The whole set-up will ask for some internal communication changes.

In the second case, a nearshoring partner will set up the communication between your team and a remote team. They understand legal issues, contract requirements, potential cultural differences and can prepare both parties for a smooth cooperation. Again, communication is key.

Nearshoring benefits: it benefits more than strictly business

And that’s not all. Nearshoring is beneficial not just for your business, but also:

– Your own employees: because their language proficiency will get better in English as they will practice more often
– Your IT team: because they will be able to take on more work with fewer financial means
– Your IT solutions: because they will be developed faster than ever before.

Nearshore outsourcing advantages outnumber the disadvantages

It’s true, setting up a nearshoring project probably contains some challenges. But these challenges can be tackled, especially if you have the right expertise to guide you through the project.

Companies that are investing in remote teams today are the ones that are one step ahead and realize that now is the time to stay on top of technological changes. Nearshoring is a guarantee to stay successful and to be a forerunner when it comes to technological changes in business. Would you like to know if your company is ready for nearshoring? Ask about our nearshoring readiness assessment.