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nearshoring case De Persgroep

De Persgroep discovered their nearshoring benefits

De Persgroep is one of the largest media companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. They want to make their media-passionate team ready to work internationally. A shoring strategy for a media company: this is how we implemented their custom extended team.

Who is De Persgroep?

De Persgroep is a company with a passion for the media. It has expanded from a local, Flemish media company to a leading bi-national organization, one of the largest media companies, with more than 3000 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands. De Persgroep is involved in newspapers, magazines and new media, including several market leaders, both print and online.

Nearshoring & how it benefits media companies

“We provide the glue and the oil between both teams, making sure that it fits but also that all team members find their niche.”

Our Alumnos team works for the team of Geert Sinnaeve, Program Manager New Media at De Persgroep. His team is responsible for everything online and everything that involves client contact.
His team is in fact responsible for all touch points with the client. At the moment, this team is a mixture of their local team and the extended team, with the start of a nearshore team. Geert asked us to make a quality audit on his team and take it to the next international level.

We carried out a quality audit:

  • How does the current team work?
  • How well are they ‘scrum-wise’?
  • Is the team mature enough? …

Currently, there’s a team of seven for peak resources, hired to finalize the project.
We also have a certified agile product owner at De Persgroep, who is responsible for the guidance of the local team and the team in Ukraine. And we placed three technical leads to technically support the smaller teams and show how to work in a digital world.

Building a successful nearshoring team

De Persgroep is also planning to evaluate its peak resources to optimize the online team.
It’s really straightforward. If your team consists of 10% fixed coworkers and 90% consultants and you know for a fact that your workload will remain the same for the upcoming years, then you might want to consider changing that balance.

We focus on increasing the project capacity and reducing your overall costs while maintaining an optimal quality level. In close partnership with the clients, we coach, train and extend their teams in a cost-effective and qualitative nearshoring solution.

This allows you to do more with less.

That’s why we’re planning to incorporate the peak resources into our fixed team, so that the workflow is more balanced and De Persgroep can keep the lid on costs.
Building a successful nearshoring team doesn’t occur overnight. We guide you every step of the way and protect you from all pitfalls in the selection process. You can’t just set up a nearshoring team without any problem — you need to move forward slowly, tackling the obstacles along the way. Moreover, we see to both teams get to know each other, are willing and able to work together and are fully integrated. The advantage at De Persgroep is that Geert truly believes in this process.

Want to start your own outsourcing project? Contact us and we’ll look for a right-shore solution.