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Adecco optimizes cooperation between all countries

Who is Adecco?

Our nearshore outsourcing project at Adecco is a worldwide project. The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. Connecting over 650 000 associates and 100 000 clients every day, they’re looking to optimize the cooperation between all countries. With over 31 000 employees and around 5 100 branches, in over 60 countries and territories around the world, they offer a wide variety of services, connecting more than 650 000 associates with over 100 000 clients every day.

The challenge of our nearshoring experts

Our job is to roll out one single CRM package worldwide. However, part of the problem is that there’s no uniform reporting. That’s why Adecco set up the so-called Everest program: to transform and optimize cooperation between all countries globally. This entails uniformity and standardization:

  • one accounting department
  • one timesheet
  • one PPM environment
  • one CRM package
  • one BI environment, etc.

The countries are allowed some room for interpretation, but Adecco’s head office in Zurich sets out the guidelines within the framework of Everest.

A phased rollout of nearshoring solutions

When we started our nearshoring services, the teams were just being formed.

Everything developed rapidly. We have daily calls with people from all over the world and every 3 to 4 weeks we go to London for face-to-face meetings. We rolled out 3 countries. Later on another 19 countries, including the six EU biggest states — France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Our nearshoring services reach further than looking for the right skills

We are in charge of increasing skill level and build a common framework and consistency in methods and standards for project management at Adecco. One of the work streams is cloud management.

Our job is to guide the project managers and make sure all analysis projects regarding budgeting are set right on a program level. The global PMO Group sets out certain guidelines and we have to make sure they are followed through.

For example, CA Clarity™, our PPM tool worldwide:

  • How does it work?
  • How can a PM use this to his advantage?
  • Which elements must be completed?

Moreover, every project is different and sometimes it demands a great deal of pre-brainwork

In other words, we are responsible for governance, implementing the guidelines and assisting the program director. Only after the project is presented to and approved by the steering group, the PMs come into the picture. This implies we also consistently train, improve and support the entire project management community and enable all PMs to manage their projects.

We never leave our customers alone in their outsourcing projects. From the moment we do the audit we start guiding and training them soon afterwards. Not sure if your company is ready for international teams? Let’s do an audit and check if we can find your skilled resources.